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Website Policies and Procedures

A. Policies for Posting Information

1. Only information, which is related to the mission, goals, and objectives of the CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects, shall be permitted.

2. CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects shall assume no responsibility for the content linked to pages on the site but may deny links to content that is inconsistent with its stated mission, goals and objectives.

3. Other sites may link to, but not replicate, CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects' content without permission of the director.

4. Other sites may not create a browser or border environment around CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects' content.

5. Other sites may not imply that CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects is endorsing it or its products.

6. Other sites may not misrepresent its relationship with CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects.

7. Another sites may not present false information about CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects' staff, participants, activities, functions, or services.

8. Other sites linking to CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects may not contain content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive, or controversial, and should contain only content that is appropriate for all age groups.

9. No one may reproduce information from the Web site for their own personal, non-commercial use.

B. Procedures for Posting and Changing Information

1. The director has the discretion to post information to a Web page using the guidelines in section A above.

2. Reporting of minor errors regarding the mechanics of the Web site will be directed to the Web administrator or to the director.

C. Right to Privacy

CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects is committed to respecting privacy. CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects recognizes the need for reasonable control of personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information is any information that is associated with an individual's name. CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects will remove any information about a person on it Web site at the person's request. CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects retains the right to track users of the Web site.

D. Posting of Policies and Procedures

The CSU Chico Upward Bound Projects Web Site Management Policies and Procedures must be publicly available on the Web site at all times. If the public has comments or questions about the policy and procedures, a mechanism on the Web site must be in place to accommodate them.

E-mail: cfalvarez@csuchico.edu

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