Isaiah: man of charisma, charm, and devilishly good looks. Isaiah is envied by most of the world's populance as they look at themselves and ask themselves "How can one man be soo tubular?". These questions still to do this day have not been answered. Isaiah enjoys extravagant adventures (usually involving punching a grizzly bear in their big stupid face) and laughing in the face of danger. He has won the"world's cooliest cool guy" award for 17 years in a row and was knighted by Liam Neeson himself after he bested Liam in a deadly dual. People ask Isaiah all the time "Isaiah, How can I be as cool as you?"

but then Isaiah suddenly remembers that no one actually asks him this and that he's actually a total loser.

Isaiah isn't a hero and doesnt ever plan to be, he enjoys activities such as messing around with his friends, watching movies and listening to music.The only true passion Isaiah possesses is to become an animator at pixar studio where he could use is obsession with drawing to entertain others in a media that has entertained him for years.He loves cartoons, comics, and video games. He plans to go to the art institute, located in san francissco , where he plans to get his degree in graphic design and to become an intern at Pixar studios. Isaiah joined Upward Bound inorder to get a head start on his academics and plan his out his road to college.


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