About Jenny


Hello, my name is Jenny.________________________________ I am in the E-Zine Task Team
I love reading inspirational qoutes. ___________________________ I like things that lifts me higher in life.
I play tennis for my school as number two doubles. __________ I am a honor student, I like to excel in my academics.

I plan to go to Berkeley to pursue my goals and aspirations. _____I am the ASB Public Relations Commisioner for my school.
As my first and last year of Upward Bound, I made many new friends and gained several experience in writing and computer.
The reason why I joined Upward Bound was because I wanted to have college experience and know how it was to be surrounded
by several people I didn't know. My goal was to be talkative and make people feel comfortable even though I dont know them.
Coming to Upward Bound has been one of the best choices I've made. It really gets you outside of your comfort zone.
The people and atomosphere here, at Upward bound is amazing. Everyone is like family; it really lives up to its name.

I have been involved in leadership since freshmen year. I enjoy volunteering, knowing that I can make a difference.
After I graduate high school I would like to go to a four year university to earn a bachelor degree.
Things that interests me are DIYs. I love crafting and doing hand-on projects on my free time.

I like challenges and competition. I love to work out when I have the time to.
I like to draw and exercise when I feel stressed out. It Helps. (:
The subjects that interest me are math and science
I love the beach, and the starry nights.
"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure,dare it.
Life is luck,make it..."
-Mother Teresa
UB <3

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