by Zshenna Gray

Whether you are into Thrillers, Comedies, Chick Flicks or Documentaries, you have to admit: 2013 is a good year for movies. After browsing around different forums, blogs and websites, I, Zshenna, have found a list of some of the best movies from this year that you absolutely have to see. Though I have seen some of these movies and do enjoy them, the following movies are not my personal preference, but really an accumulation of movies that were repeatedly marked as “AWESOME” or “GROSSED SO MUCH MONEY” by more than one website, forum or blog.

The first movie you need to see made 620 million dollars worldwide this year. About a beloved DC comic character, Man of Steel follows the exploits of Superman. Retelling his origin story in a more modern way, the Man of Steel himself winds up in impossible situations; luckily he has super powers, right? And who doesn't have their inner nerd getting all giddy over their childhood role model? Not straying from the sci-fi craze going on, Man of Steel has pretty decent special effects and provides a whole new outlook on Superman and his life story.

If Man of Steel didn't quench your thirst for sci-fi, this movie will. Grossing over 450 million dollars, Star Trek Into Darkness, is the "Number Two must see movie of 2013" .A sequel to the reboot in 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness follows Captain Kirk and his crew through intergalactic space as they attempt to capture the terrorist Khan. Star Trek Into Darkness is tech-savvy movie full of futuristic gismos and gadgets any sci-fi fan would love.

But maybe you need a break from the sci-fi craze. Maybe you need a thriller. Different people have different opinions about this next movie, but the statistics don’t lie. World War Z made 424 million dollars. And though some people cannot even stomach horror thrillers, critics say it exceeded expectations. WWZ starts right off with the action of the apocalypse. Following a small Philadelphia family, World War Z is not the cheeriest movie, but it does pack a punch.

If you love comedies, this movie is definitly for you. Identity Thief made 173 million dollars. This story involves a man whose identity was stolen by a quirky and loveable character. As he attempts to find her and bring her to justice the two of them encounter hilarious obstacles. Though the ending is almost predictable, Identity Thief has some serious comedy. This is the kind of movie you can watch repeatedly.

Ready for an all-star cast? Now You See Me, has them. In this “caper” like film, four magicians get pushed into the spot light for their unbelievable magic tricks. When their publicity is seen as a threat, the investigation starts. With crazy twists and shocking revelations, this movie is mind blowing. Unlike Identity Thief or any of the other movies, Now You See Me has an ending I'll bet you five dollars you didn't expect.

Looking for love in all the wrong places, Warm Bodies is the story of a post apocalyptic world in which a zombie falls in love with a human. Listed as a “paranormal romantic zombie comedy”, Warm Bodies made 116 million dollars. Much like, World War Z, critics have been raving over this film. Bringing a fresh new look to the cliché Zombie-Apocalypse movies, Warm Bodies received very good reviews.Could the love between a zombie and a human be the cure to the disease? Watch and find out!


So, no matter your movie preference, there is definitely at least one movie on this list that is right for you! And if not, try going out with a group of friends or family during your free time to see a movie you do like! Put yourself out there a be social. If you think there should be more movies added to this list, contact us.


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