The store is tracking your cell!?camera



The Nordstrom department store wanted to find out how many people were visiting their shops, so they tested a new technology that allowed them to track their customers by their Wi-Fi signals from their smart phones. They used video surveillance and other technology to see how much their customers spent time looking at the item before buying it. From data shown, 70% of the customers are most likely to turn right after walking in the store and 14% of the customers will look at the display. There is no fear that this is happening in all stores because this was only an experiment that lasted for about a couple months.


When Nordstrom posted signs that they were tracking their customers, many of them were baffled and some of them complained. Some people don’t really mind sharing their information if it’s online but once they start getting video-cam, things start to get a bit creepy. The thoughts of you getting stalked in a store sound terrifying because it’s a feeling of privacy violation. The truth is that the stores are only collecting data on how much a person is visiting their store. It's a new kind of technology that can recognize new and returning customers because the mobile devices send out a code when it searches for a network to connect with. Although this idea of tracking customers may sound like they are invading your privacy, stores can send deals such as coupons to your phones. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a discount on something you want to buy? What do you think?



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